New look to the blog

Spring break is over and a few days ago was the 1st day of spring, so I find it only fitting to update the look of the blog.

I totally changed the look of the blog by spiting the side bar and putting it on both sides of the blog post, changed the fonts, the backgrounds and added some useful links on the left side.

I am working on some pages that will go on the tabs, and they will be up in a few days or when I get time to get the information together.  I will put things like common measurement charts, bed sizes and quilt sizes.  How to make a single HST and how to make a whole bunch at one time,  I am going to add setting triangle and corner triangle cutting charts as well as how many charms, fat quarters and jelly roll strips you can get out of a yard or even a fat quarter.. Lots of interesting and hopefully useful information all in one spot.

That's all for now, enjoy surfing the links and don't spend too much money! 

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