First day of spring break

I have been busy!

I set a goal of getting the No Fail Mitered Borders instructions written and published on Craftsy
     Click here and you can find them here in my Craftsy Store

I set a goal of getting the No Fail Mitered Borders video instructions filmed and up on YouTube
Click here and you can watch it there

Is it the greatest video out there?  Nope, not by a long shot! But it gets the point across.

Now what makes mine different from anyone else?  You don't have to measure the borders and hope that you have cut the strips long enough and then you have cut the angle correctly and you don't need to worry about making sure the points match and that the corner lays flat.... nope, easy, simple and as they say, down and dirty!

You cut the borders to the desired width, piece if necessary to get the length, and both of those measurements are apx, as long as you have the width of the border plus 2 inches, your good to go.  Sew, Press and Whack!

So what is next on the list for the week?  Red, White and Whirl!

More later
Happy Miters!

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