Something new on the HST homefront

I have been working for a while now on the math for making 32 Half Square Triangles at one time. Let me tell you, it sounds easy, and on paper it is wonderful, but once you go to fabric, it is a whole other story!

We all know how to make the 8 Half Square Triangles out of one square, and there are a couple of methods for doing that, but no one has ever come up with a method for creating more than 8 at one time.

Say you need a whole bunch of 3 inch HST, lets say 587 (yeah I know its a random number, but bare with me)

With any method that you create 8 at a time, you would have to mark 74 squares of fabric!
With the Super 32! method, you only need to mark 19!  I am all in for saving time, marking and sewing time both.

So if you would like to pick up a copy of these instructions, Click on the Craftsy button on the left side of this page and get one today.  The price is only $1.00, Its a digital download, so you will be reading in a matter of minutes from now.

While you are there, check out my other patterns, like my No-Fail Mitered Borders lesson, once you try my method, you will wonder why you waited so long to make a mitered border!


Interesting and informative videos on the web

The WWW is so full of information, it would take forever to find anything if it was written work, but
thankfully, all that information is stored digitally in cyber space, so just one or two clicks away and we can access what ever we want, day or night, fully dressed or in our pj's!

Today I found a couple of very helpful videos.  One by Mary Hickey.  She has a method of creating flying geese that is so fast and accurate, you won't want to create them any other way.  Flying Geese

Because I am looking to purchase a long arm machine in the near future, I am starting to look at things like stencils, marking pens, templates and all of the other things that you need for quilting a quilt.  Although I have most of these things, I am now looking at them with a different vantage point and am looking at them as road maps for the computerized stitching that I will be using with my new long arm.  Here is a video that shows how to use these things on your quilt top.  How to mark a quilt top and quilt marking tools

Mary Fons is always has great information.   She calls herself a Quilt Geek, that is so funny, but if you watch her, yup, she is!  She has a video out that is called Have you heard these 5 myths about quilting?   Number 2 blew me away... give it a watch.

I have never done a quilt or project with the quilt as you go method, but since I am going to be traveling this summer with my Kindle, I need to protect it a little better than what I was using.  I made my quilted cover in just a matter of about an hour. This video is by Coats & Clark Learn how to make a quilted ipad cover

And lastly, it is spring here in Arizona.  The birds are out and the pollen is flying!  If you have cats, and it is still below 50 degrees at your house, your cats are probably going knutz not being outside or at least getting to see the birds.  Here is a video that will keep them occupied for at least 2 hours, I know it did mine.  Movie for cats.

That's all for now,
Happy Quilting!