Useful Downloads

Because this is a Blog and not a web page, you can not download directly from here.  Everything that I post here is linked back to my web page, Rusty's Quilts.

 All files are safe to download, I hate bugs as much as you do.

How Copyright Effects the Quilter , by Kathleen Bassett

Cutting Chart for setting side triangles.  

Fabonacci Grid  What is a Fabonacci Grid?  It is a grid that is based on the Fabonacci numbers, The Golden Ratio, to help you get the correct proportions for your borders that are pleasing to the eye.

Basic fraction conversion chart from fraction to decimal to yardage/inches

How to make continuous bias binding

Standard bed sizes and what size sheets and comforter sizes are

Basic Christmas stocking outline.  NO instructions, just the outline, you do the rest.

Where is my Quarter Inch - Useful exercise to find where your machine is sewing that perfect 1/4 inch