Michael Miller / EQ7 Block Design Challenge

Who doesn't like to play with virtual fabric?
I love my Electric Quilt 7 software for that and so much more!

I can sit and play for hours and create some wonderful quilts.  Will I ever make them?  Yes, I do, well some of them... like the Farmers Wife blocks.

Jelly roll Opps!
If I want to see what a particular fabric would look like before I cut my expensive fabric and thank goodness I do because what may look good sitting on the work table, looks horrid when it is made into a block.  Case in point, the quilt to the left.  I did not put the fabrics into EQ, the jelly roll looked beautiful, but when I got it together, well you see what happened!   Jelly Roll Opps is the name of this quilt.


I was reading Facebook a few days back and came across a post by Electric Quilt for a 2 week block challenge.  Thought, humm, maybe, but I just don't have the time right now to invest into a new block, so I just kept reading FB and forgot about the post.

Again, I was checking FB and found a post by EQ saying that there was only one week left in the challenge.  Well, now I am sitting at home and in front of my computer... what the heck, downloaded the fabric pallet we are supposed to use and went to work.  2 hours later, I come up with this block.  See. it does make a difference when you can play with the fabrics before you sew them!

Fiesta Challenge Block 
The line of fabric is Fiesta by Michael Miller Fabrics.  It was a challenge to do this in EQ as it is a directional fabric, the block, as you can see, is does not have a straight 45° angle anywhere.


Electric Quilt has a tool called "rotate fabric".  You can rotate in a standard 90°, move the fabric to the edge of the design or the one I used, "Advanced" lets you rotate to any degree.   So I manipulated the fabric in the center to the positions you see here.

Un-rotated fabric

This is the block un-rotated.. totally different look.

So, if I win, I will make up one of the blocks and post it here so you all can see what the real fabric looks like made up.

I will leave you with this thought:  I hate tacos said no Juan ever!  LOL

Happy Fiesta!!


  1. I really loved your block, Susan.

  2. Susan - thank you - this post saved me... I'm still learning EQ7 (by the seat of my pants) and needed to rotate a stripe on a border. You are a GEM!! Many thanks.


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