Will I ever learn to lock the sewing room door.....

When concentrating on cutting?  Probably not!

Because I am in-between FW installments, I have decided to do a mystery quilt from one of the FB groups that I read.

I ordered the Jelly Rolls, Fusions Meadow and Kona Black and waited for the first clue to be released.

Well, it came out with three different sizes that you can make, I chose to do the 58 x 78 as my quilt frames are not set up to handle anything more than 72 inches.  The fabric requirements for this size are perfect for these jelly rolls and if you want to make it bigger, a couple of additional strips are needed from both the Kona and the Fusions, so I'm good... so I think.

So I take the pattern cutting instructions with me on the field trip, so I have something to do while I wait for the track team to come back to the bus.  I sat and figured and figured and yup, no matter how I tried, I was coming up needing 1 additional black strip, the fusions was just the right amount, I thought.

Well, this is where it pays to write things down when you get to my age, like why you only purchased what you did.  I purchased for the 58x78 not the 78x78 quilt! I was reading and figuring for the larger quilt (Idiot!) So this morning, I decided to get to the cutting board and get this 1st step completed.   Cut the Kona, no problems, was able to use my Accucut to make the mound of 2 1/2 squares and so I was happy, went quick and I had the right amount of fabric because I always have Kona black hanging in the stash.

Now comes the Fusions.  I only have the one, no extras, no charm packs or layer cakes, just the one Jelly Roll.  I like extra fabric, but I am taking a gamble that I will not have to redo anything and need to re-cut.

So I start cutting, all is good.. cutting, cutting, cutting.... husband... cutting.. CRAP!

I was almost done and I stopped to talk to my husband and put 6 strips, that were supposed to go in one stack be cut into 6 1/2 sections, in the 2 1/2 stack.  You guessed it, I cut them in to 2 1/2 sections, looked down and about cried!

Remember where I said I thought I had enough fusions fabric?  The instructions say that you need additional 2 strips to cut into 2 1/2 squares.  Ok, so I went to my favorite web site and ordered a charm pack, that was before I started cutting into Fusions JR.  So now I have mis-cut, my biggest fear, so I go back to the web site and start looking at layer cakes... wait a minute, I can get the missing 2 1/2 squares and the mis-cut 6 1/2 strips out of another jelly roll.  Because today is Sunday, my order was still pending for the charm packs, so I canceled that order and ordered the jelly roll.

I put everything into the tote to keep the cat fur off, I turn around and on my desk is the cutting
instructions for the 58 x 78 size, the one that I bought the jelly rolls for in the first place.  I start reading, counting and have a sigh of relief.  Not only do I have enough, but I have too many!  Yeah.. oh no, I ordered another jelly roll, so back to the web site and canceled that order as well.

So in the end, will I learn to lock my sewing room door?  No, will I learn to read twice and cut once? No.... Am I done for the day?  Oh Yeah!

Till next time,