FW Progress Blocks 21-30 (class 3)

Ever have one of those days that you just didn't feel like doing anything but sitting?  Yup, me to and that was today, the last day of spring break. I have to go back to work tomorrow and I don't want to go!

When I bought this computer, it came with a new OS, Windows 7.  Not really having the time to re-create Windows 98, I pretty much left the file structure as it was set up . . .  for dummies, 'till today.

Today, I really started looking and comparing files and saw that there were 3 file structures, Favorites, Desktop, one with my user name on it.  ALL three of these files had the same folders as the ones that are in the C: drive.  WHY?  I still don't know, but as of 10 this am, all of the excess file folders are gone and no more 'shortcuts'! Seams the bigger Microsoft gets, the dumber they think we get!

I started to look at this blog.  Being new to me, I stared to explore the buttons and settings.  You will notice that the blog has a new look, new colors and a few optimizations.  I also did not like the way that the FW blocks were looking in each blog, taking up to much room and I really had no control of where they sat on the page, so I figured that I could use a table to 'organize' a little.  It worked!  You will see below just what I mean.

Yesterday, I saw that someone had created portable design boards (the link is on my links page)  Looked pretty easy to do, and I was right!  Went to Wallie World and picked up a couple sheets of foam core board, cut them to the size I wanted, looked in the stash and found a couple of 2 1/2 strips and half hour later, this is what I ended up with.  They work great with my FW blocks, just the right size.

Speaking of FW Blocks, I ripped apart the one that I had sewn together backwards and reassembled it.  I had sewn the right to the left and left to the right.  All fixed now.  Here are my blocks 21 - 30 for the Farmers Wife Quilt.

 Happy Quilting!