Spring Break

Why is it that on Saturdays, the day when I can sleep in, my fur-babies are on the bed at 4am?!  It's Spring break! 9 days with nothing scheduled except spend quality time with my sewing machine, NOTHING! Its me and my machines.

The 3rd lesson in Karen Walkers "Farmers Wife Quilt Revival" is now available. Chucked full of wonderful information.  You can get it from her via e-mail, snail mail, Etsy and Craftsy.  Click on the link above or the icon on the side bar.

You know how hard it is to open a Jelly Roll?  Well try a whole box of fat quarters (see prev post to why I have a whole box)  I finally went searched the web and found the complete collection so I could add the .jpgs to EQ7. 

I also printed the images so I could match them up with the stock number.  Ok, your saying.."why?"  Ok, here is why. Because all I have is one yard of each of the prints, I want to make sure that I like the placement of the fabrics in the block before I cut. EQ will allow me to design in the actual/virtual fabrics that I will be using, pretty kool!

So all that done, and all the blocks drawn in EQ, I am now adding the fabric numbers, following Karen's instructions, and then will be making the blocks.  

First step, write the fabric numbers on the instruction sheets from FWRQ, so I know what fabric I chose to go where. Second step, pull all of the fabrics from the box.  I pulled one of each print from the box, pined a small picture with the number on it to each.

Third step, Press!  OMG!!  You would think that FQ's from the manufacturer would be on grain.. HA! far from it.  I would say that over half of them are off grain by at least 1/2 to 1 inch or more.  Such a disappointment.  I am hoping that the loss of fabric from these cuts will not effect the amount of yardage I need to complete these blocks.  

I pressed all 70 fabrics, and hung them on skirt hangers.  I am using the small pieces of paper with the names on them to keep them organized so I can find the fabric for the blocks without much hassle, we will see if this works.

Happy Farming!