Looooongg few weeks

It has been a while since my last post (boy, that sounds religious) Anyway, working a 40 hour week and then putting 55 hours of OT into that two weeks, leaves little time for anything other than a quick snack and sleep.

Sooo, lets catch up.

Karen posted lesson #4 for the FWRQ at the end of March.  I purchased and downloaded it a week later, that was how far behind I was at that point.

A week after that, I started to work on my notebook. What that entails is starting a new quilt layout in EQ7, pulling the blocks, that I drew just for this, for the lesson and adding the fabrics that I will be using for these blocks. Printing the picture so I can add it to the notebook and know where the fabrics go. (left page)

After that, I print two copies of the lesson and have at one with rotary cutter and one I keep at my desk.  On the right hand page, I put the information about the block which has how many of what to cut from each color.  At the bottom of the page, I put any special construction techniques that were provided.

On the page that is at my desk, I write down the fabric numbers from EQ that I have chosen.  I use this to pull my fabrics and if as I am pulling them, I don't like the real fabrics, I can make the changes there before they are permanent in the book.

In the middle of the clipped instructions, I write the color, color number and when I am cutting the fabric, I put a swatch of the fabric next to this information.

OCD.. maybe.

A week after that, I started to cut the pieces, I got 3 blocks done and that was it!  Bad sewing week, but life gets in the way of so much good sewing time!

So today, I was able to get the rest of the blocks cut and into the notebook.  That is all that I got done, but yesterday, I went to the local home improvement store and picked up two sheets of sound board and 6 1/2 yards of tan felt (thank goodness for 50% off coupons!) and today, I created my new design wall.

We didn't measure the height of the wall, thought the boards were shorter than the wall.. dummy us!  The boards are held on the wall by sheer squeeze force and 4 screws in the middle so they don't bow out.  Total cost.... hope you are sitting down for this $46.35!!!  Yup, another one of my under $50 dollar projects.  The boards are 4 feet wide by 8 feet tall, so I have a square design wall of 8 x 8 FEET!!!!  The felt is almost the same color as the paint on the wall, so they blend in beautiful.

So all in all, still not caught up, I have to create the FW Blocks and I am in the midst of a mystery on one of the sites that I belong to and clue 4 is about to be released and I haven't even done clue 3..<sigh>

BUT the good news is that I have a 4 day weekend coming up!  Guess where I am going to be?!!

Happy Farming!