Grand Canyon, AZ

As most of you know, I drive a school bus to pay for my quilting obsession.

During the summer, I do not drive, but I sit and work on quilts and new patterns.  This year, I was lucky enough to be accepted at the Grand Canyon, to drive a shuttle bus!  Doesn't sound very glamours, but think about it, work at the Grand Canyon, who wouldn't like to work there?

So Saturday, I load up and head out for an 18 week stay in the rim country.

But you ask, what about your quilting?  Oh, never fear!  I am taking enough fabric with me to open a small store!  I have also been informed that there is a quilt group up at the canyon!  Whoo Hooo!!! New people, new faces, new ideas.

Lovely Dresden
I will be working on the final details of "Lovely Dresden", my quilt that won 2nd place in the Iron Quilter and that so many have asked for a pattern.  It is almost done.  I have had to create a template because the angles are so strange, they are not on any ruler, but, if you have a Dresden plate ruler and some ruler tape, you can transfer the marks to the that ruler!

When I made this quilt, I did it all on the fly, do you think I wrote down any of the cutting instructions?  Nope, Do I remember what I did?  Kinda, but boy, I sure am glad I have the quilt to look at up close, because if I didn't, I couldn't figure out some of those angles and just what the heck I did!!!
So for the next few post, I will be sending you pictures of the canyon and of my new projects or ideas.

I was reading posts on M* and found a very interesting one.  Here is a link to a page that has all of Jenny's Tutorials clear back to Aug 13, 2009.  Funny thing, it is on the Dresden plate and it was put up the day after my birthday...  I find things like that to be fate . .  or just coincidence, you choose.

Happy Quilting!


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