FW Progress 70 Blocks and Counting

The last post I made was on July 14, it is now September 8, needless to say, it has been a very busy 8 weeks!

I have not had time to think, let alone sew, which bothers me some. Sewing, or making quilt blocks, is my comfort zone, my time, and I have had little of that as of late.  But with a break from work today, I find the house quiet and time for me!

I have always liked hand work, not so much applique, but the simple act to hand sewing.  Never did much of it, but I have recently found that I have a good nack for it.  I was with a friend, shopping, for stuff on sale or that I can use my 50% off coupons, (what, you have never done that?) we went walking down the paper crafting isle and my eye caught a paper punch that was a perfect 1 inch Hexagon. I had tried to cut this shape with my Accuquilt dies, but paper and the dies, really aren't made for that, so I was pleased when I found this.  I also found a punch that had two holes in it. For what you say?

Well, when you pin the card stock to the fabric, there is always a distortion, with the holes, you pin through the paper to the fabric and no distortion and when you go to remove the papers, you put your tweezers in the holes and 'pop' out the paper.

I used my Accuquilt die cutter to cut the next size up fabric hexagon, wrapped it around the card stock cutouts, basted them in place and viola!, perfect hexagons!!

Put a few together and you get a hexagon flower.

Put a border on the flower and you get a bigger flower
Put them all together and you get this!

That took me about 6 weeks, evenings in front of the T.V. and a couple of field trips waiting for the teams to come back to the bus.  It needs a border, backing and then quilting.

While I was doing this, class 8 of the Farmers Wife Revival Quilt was released.  I have only done 3 of the 11 blocks, but have confidence I will get the rest done soon.  Class 9 has been released as well, so I have some catching up to do, but I also have fall break coming at the beginning of October and that will give me 10 whole days to catch up (I hope)

So here is a recap of what I have done so far.....

Class 1

Class 2

 Class 3

Class 4 

Class 5

Class 6 

Class 7

Happy Farming!

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