FW Progress Blocks 41 - 50 (class 5)

This has been a long lesson for me.  I started this one back on 5/3/14 and life just got in the way.  The end of school was coming, lots of long hours and field trips kept me away from my machine.  Other projects have also gotten in the way for the new granddaughter.  So now that they are almost finished, it is time to get back to the farm and finish the last 3 blocks of the lesson.

Most of the blocks in this lesson went together quite easy and fast, HST, Magic 8 and corner triangle units are now easy and quick to put together and my accuracy in putting these together is getting a lot better.

Then came blocks 57 & 100, The last two in the lesson. They are exactly alike except for the center square which is a different color.

Sounded easy, make two of the same thing.. But for some reason I kept turning the HST and the corner rectangle block the wrong way when sewing.  Thank goodness I had starched the fabrics well or I would have had to re-cut all the little pieces.

So here is my progress so far.. Lesson 6 is cut and ready to be sewn together, off to the machine!

Side note: The block numbers are not 1 to 60, that is the number of blocks I have completed, for the block numbers and names, refer to the book Farmers Wife Quilt.

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