The power of a photo....

A few months ago (9 to be exact) I was told that I was going to be a Grandmother!  YEA!!  oh no, I have a deadline for projects now.  Well I have a brand new Grand Daughter, a few days early, but happy and healthy and her floor quilt is still in pieces on my design wall <sigh>  guess I missed that deadline.

So I took the day and decided that I would finish the quilt.  Simple Dresden plates with a sashing and a simple border, double batted and flannel backed.  Easy enough?  That is what I thought to.. WRONG!

Now I have made Dresden plates before and, as a matter of fact, they are my favorite block to make, but this one, well, it just was not cooperating.  I started out by cutting the blades from the yardage.  I only cut enough to do 6 blocks, not 9.. so back to cutting more and then when I did, I cut enough for 6 more blocks.  Some days, it just pays to pick up the calculator and pencil, this was not one of them.  

I finally got all of the plates sewn together and on my design wall, where they hung, while I looked at them for 2 weeks. I had a weekend to do nothing, so I appliqued the plates to the background fabric and hung them back on the wall while I decided what fabric I was going to use for the sashing.  Again, looking at them for another week as they hung on the design wall, mind you, they are now appliqued down to the background fabric.

I added the sashing and took it down for my DH to look at, we both stared at it for a bit and said "pretty" and I took it back up stairs.  It wasn't until I put it back on the design wall and took a picture of it, that I discovered the mistakes!

OMG!  How could I have missed something so obvious as that, not once, but twice.  Now remember, these are appliqued down and the sashing is done and this is ready for the quilt frames.

It took me about 30 minutes for each block that was wrong to remove the applique stitches, un-stitch the blades, restitch and re-applique.  This time I was lucky as I only used a simple zig-zag stitch to do the applique and not the blanket stitch that I usually use.

So here is the closeup of the print fabric that the quilt is based off of, Cute?  I think so!

Mean while, my FW blocks are almost done.  I get a notification that the next lesson will be ready to download any day now and I don't have these done.  I am getting further behind as the days go!

So the morel of the blog:  What ever you do, take a picture of your finished blocks BEFORE you put them into a your finished top to make sure that they are correct.

Oh, interesting fact:  If you take a picture of your fabrics, you will have a totally different perspective on the fabrics before you even purchase them.

Happy Snapping! (pictures that is)